Big Kids Bring Back Original Summer Fun

Big Kids Bring Back Original Summer Fun

Remember what life was like as a kid? You loved it. So why not do more of what you love?

The things that made you happy were small and inexpensive, playing chasey or swings at the park was the “best time ever” and a lady bug landing on your finger made your day. Life was simple, easy and most of all, it was fun!

So who’s to say the fun should stop for grown-ups?

Be done with adulting. Gather your children, friends or even your partner for some fun times and adventures, big kid style.



Back in the day cooking wasn’t such a chore. You didn’t have to be good at it. Making a mess was half the fun. And best of all you got to lick the bowl. So we hunted down some messy, gooey, colourful, sugar sweet recipe deliciousness and put the fun back into cooking.

You might want to start by trying your hand at some Unicorn Bark or a No-Bake Cocopops slice. Or, if you’re not really the cooking kind but still want to feel accomplished in the kitchen then give this chocolate fondue recipe a whirl. Not burning chocolate is about as close to becoming a Masterchef as some of us will ever get, so melt down that chocolate, cut up some fruit to dip and voila you’re done! If it’s adult only chocolatey good times, add a splash of Bailey’s for extra wow.


Slip n Slide

The good old Slip n Slide – oh the joy. Just a front lawn, sheet of plastic material, a running garden hose, squeeze of detergent and you’re slip sliding away!

The dishes can wait. Next to blowing bubbles, the Slip n Slide is the best use of detergent ever.

As big kids, you might want to think big. Take some inspiration from this amazing water slide or get a hold of this huge slide for inspo.

If the Slip n Slide isn’t for you, but you’re still up for something wet n wild, simply turn on the sprinklers. Add some water guns and there you have the perfect way to spend a Perth summer day.


Build a Cubby House


Not all of us were lucky enough to have a cubby house like this as a kid, but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t make do. There are so many cool cubbies out there but the best type is the one you invent yourself.

Behold the blanket fort!

The best way to build a cubby is to find existing household items like a desk, chair, umbrella or even the washing line (a personal favourite of ours), to use as the foundation for the cubby. Gather blankets, sheets and anything else that will work as a cover and peg them into place.

Once you’ve set up your fort it’s time to bring pillows, fairy lights and anything else you desire inside. If in doubt, Buzzfeed has every adult covered with all the stages of fort making in this guide.

Full of endless possibilities, your cubby can be the greatest place for chats, movies, games or relaxing. The fun is limited only by your imagination.


Play Dress Ups


Pull out the dinosaur costume and throw on those fairy wings, it’s time to play dress ups!

Kids love dress ups. And they love them more when adults get involved, so tap into your inner child; this is your time to play pretend. You may be stuck playing the ugly stepsister but it’s all worth it for the giggles.

Don’t underestimate the fun in doing more of what they love.

Now, when you get the hang of it, why not plan a dress up party with more big kids? Choose a theme with easy outfit options so everyone can join in, like “what I want to be when I grow up” or “best of the 80s”. With so many themes to choose from, you can easily make your party one they’ll never forget.


Have a Pillow Fight


Grab a pillow and bash it out. Run amuck!


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