10 things not to do at your work Christmas Party

10 things not to do at your work Christmas Party

Perth City Christmas Party, End of Year celebrations

1. Don’t talk work

It’s a party. Lighten up a little. This isn’t the time to talk workplace politics or promotions. This is the perfect chance to get to know the office. Discuss sports, hobbies, addictive online shopping habits. You might find that you find a friend in someone unexpected.


2. Don’t wear anything inappropriate

You’ve heard it all before; don’t wear anything too revealing and nothing too over the top.
Well we’re adding another one to the list: don’t go over the top with Christmas themed clothing. We know it’s fun, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear more lights than the Christmas tree.


3. Don’t get too drunk

It might be a free bar but that doesn’t mean you should go and get plastered. If you feel yourself start to push past tipsy, toss your drink and run. It will be less embarrassing than hitting on your boss or scream-crying at your manager for a pay rise.


4. Don’t stand on the bar singing Christmas carols

This is for the people who ignored the don’t get drunk rule. Spare us all.


5. Don’t forget to eat

Drinking on an empty stomach is never a good idea. Even if you’re drinking responsibly you’re bound to turn into a drunken mess if you haven’t eaten all day. Be sure to take advantage of the delicious food on offer but don’t be too greedy; you’ll want to leave enough food for everyone else.


6. Don’t get frisky

If you think the Christmas Party is a great chance to try your luck with your office crush then think again. Hooking up at the office party is a sure way to get caught or make a mockery of yourself.


7. Don’t talk about your newest diet fad.

No one cares that you’re gluten and meat free now Karen. Just stop, drink your wine and have a fruit mince pie. If we have to hear one more time about how this diet has changed your life….


8. Don’t take your shoes off under ANY circumstances

We don’t want the stench of your feet to ruin our night. Get them away from the food before that starts to smell too. If you want a comfy boogie, bring a spare change of shoes and dance the night away.


9. Don’t bitch about work mates

There’s about a 99.9% chance they’re standing behind you. Ok, so we made that figure up but really it’s not worth the risk. When people drink, they talk and chances are your bitchy comment is going to make its way around the room by the end of the night.


10. Don’t skip work the next day.

Funnily enough, after drinking an entire bottle of wine and vomiting in a pot plant at the Christmas Party, your boss does indeed know that you don’t have a sudden onset of the flu. Who would’ve thought?
Have a big buffet breakfast and (wo)man up! If Santa doesn’t get a break then either do you.



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Top 5 Date Night Ideas for a Perth City Getaway

Top 5 Date Night Ideas for a Perth City Getaway

Spend your next date night wandering through lane ways of Perth City experiencing the many hidden gems of Perth. We’ve put together our top 5 date night venues that will make your night one to remember. Surprise your loved one with a romantic getaway package and escape to the city for the weekend. Book a room and lose yourself exploring the many bars and restaurants Perth has to offer.



If fine dining is what you’re after, then this is the place to be. In the rooftop space of COMO The Treasury , Perth’s revitalised state buildings, you’ll find the elegant Wildflower restaurant. Tantalise your tastebuds with their contemporary dishes that revolve around the indigenous ethos of six seasons. Expect to be surprised with unusual, yet exquisite dishes such as sweet potato pudding with anise myrtle, mandarin, chestnuts and truffle ice cream.  Pair your course with a glass of wine as you stargaze beyond the glass surrounds.


Shadow Wine Bar 

This one is for the wine lovers who like to slip away into their own worlds. Wander through hustle and bustle of Northbridge and you’ll find Shadow Wine Bar. Its timeless European style is the perfect location for an intimate conversation and of course, a few glasses of wine.


Ivy & Jack

Buzzing in the heart of Perth City, you’ll find this urban industrial-chic restaurant. Previously the Town Cinema, Ivy & Jack have utilised their space to create a modern twist on its cinematic heritage. Its central location attracts an array of visitors, creating the perfect combination of lively and intimate. Cosy up in a booth while you enjoy one of their many delicious cocktails or if you’re daring enough; let one of the bartenders create something for you.



There aren’t many places we’d go and rave about the chicken, but at Tiny’s that’s what they’re famous for. Juicy, fresh rotisserie chicken served with mouthwatering potatoes and bread sauce. If that doesn’t sell you, then the wine bar/shop attached to the bar just might! They have an extensive wine menu to enjoy along with delicious eats. The perfect spot for dinner or drinks, and located just a few minutes up Hay St at QV1.


The Laneway Lounge 

Old school elegance and a bit of Jazz never goes out of date. Tucked off the street in the CBD is the ever charming Laneway Lounge. Hosting free live music every weekend, The Laneway Lounge brings a touch of New Orleans and old Paris in its beautifully styled venue. Kick back and relax in its decadent bar with one of their delightfully unusual cocktails for a date with a blast to the past.



Turn your night out into a weekend to remember and stay at Holiday Inn Perth City Centre. Our hotel is conveniently located within walking distance of the train station, Elizabeth Quay and the city’s entertainment venues. Jump on the free Red Cat at the hotel’s doorstep for easy transport to Perth Arena and many other attractions.

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