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30 ways to keep the kids entertained during isolation | Part 1 of 3        

30 ways to keep the kids entertained during isolation | Part 1 of 3        

During these unprecedented times, everyone is doing their bit by self-isolating. If you or your partner have found yourselves working from home recently with kids who are bored and developing cabin fever, here is a bit of inspiration to keep the children entertained.


1. Have a pyjama pizza party

Everything is better when you put on your favourite PJ’s, have a DIY pizza station and watch family home videos. Make sure that you are stocked up on popcorn and snacks. Here is what you will need for your pizza party.


2. At home day spa

Prepare a salon in the living room with rolled up towels, burning incense, play relaxing music, dim the lighting and put on some home-made facials. Finish off the facial with some nail painting for the full day spa treatment. Here are some recipes for facials that you can make with household items.


3. Exercise session

You can do any form of exercise with a tutorial on YouTube that will get the whole family involved. Great way of burning energy, staying fit and having fun. Get the kids together and participate in this family friendly workout. 


4. Chalk art

Whether you want to use chalk on the driveway or on a chalkboard, there are lots of creative chalk illustrations that will keep your children busy. Chalk can be purchased cheaply at Officeworks, Big W or Spotlight.  Get inspired by some of the creative chalk art ideas here.


5. Backyard picnic

Put together a picnic list and assign each child an item that they will be responsible for bringing. Set up a picnic rug, have lunch outside and enjoy the warm whether while we still can. 


6. Nail art

Nail art can be quite tricky to manage, however practice makes perfect. If your child has an artistic flare, let them practice nail art on you. If not, here are some step by step instructions on nail designs for kids.


7. DIY flower arrangements

Give your home a touch of colour and get your children to put together flower arrangements with what you’ve got in the garden.  Flower arrangements can even make for a nice gift. Find out how to arrange flowers like a pro with this video.


8. Make a care package

Brainstorm with the kids on items that your elderly neighbour or grandparents would enjoy and put together a little care package that you can leave on their doorstep. Then go out and purchase or make the items. Some ideas of what you could include in your care package are; baked goods, something that is difficult to find at the shops (such as toilet paper/pasta/flour) and a nice handwritten note. Find some care package ideas here. 


9. Plant a herb garden

This is a great project to work on with the kids, having fresh herbs available is a game changer when it comes to cooking. Ask the kids to research what type of herbs they would like to grow and make it their responsibility to take care of. Find out how to design your herb garden here. 


10. Sock puppet show

Hand puppet’s making is a great way to re-purpose single socks and a great craft project for children. Once the puppets are made, get the kids to put on a show. Puppets can be easily made with basic supplies found at home. Follow these step-by-step instructions for how to make hand puppets.  


If you have captured images of any of these activities in action, tag us in your posts, we’d love to see you enjoying spending time together during self-isolation.

Stay tuned for the next What to do Wednesday when we release 30 Ideas to keep the kids entertained during isolation | Part 2 of 3

Different ways to express your love

Different ways to express your love

Family is at the core of our values and we encourage people to remember the significance of showing your love, as love has the power to heal the world. There is no such thing as too much love and sometimes we don’t know how to express it, so here is a bit of inspiration to show people that you care.


Send them an “I appreciate you” message

An unsolicited appreciation message will always put a smile one someones face. Whether you speak to them daily, or once in a blue moon, sending your loved one a message to say “I’m thinking about you and appreciate you” will make their day, or even their week!


Spend a little quality time together

There is a big difference between spending time and spending quality time together. Give your loved one your undivided attention by putting your phone away and going for a beach walk. This gives us the opportunity to speak openly and appreciate the time we spend with one another.


Bake their favourites

Everyone loves a yummy treat, especially when it has been with love. Going out of your way to bake something for your loved one is bound to warm up their heart and their tummy. Whether its chocolate chip cookies for the kids, or a carrot cake for your grandparents, everything tastes better when it’s made with love.


Organise a spontaneous trip

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a spontaneous trip, surprise your mum by booking a staycation at Holiday Inn Perth or plan a camping trip with the family. Going away without the headache of having to organise anything is a dream come true and your loved one will feel spoilt rotten.


We know the love we share with our families is unconditional, however it is always nice to feel appreciated. Remember to be kind, show love and you’ll receive love back. So go on, get lovin’!