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Continuing on from our previous posts 30 Ideas to keep the kids entertained during isolation | Part 1 + 2 of 3 here are 10 new ideas to keep the kids busy.

20. Make lemonade

Lemons are known to have multiple health benefits such as; high levels of vitamin C, improving skin quality and promoting hydration just to name a few. Lemonade is a great way to incorporate lemons into your children’s diet and is simple to make, get your kids to follow this recipe.

21. Build a fort

Let your children have their own space they can get lost in their imagination. You’ll need some chairs for the frame, some blankets or sheets and lots of pillows. You can jazz it up if you have fairy lights laying around. Learn how to make the cosiest fort ever here. 

22. Have a virtual sleepover

Organise with another mum on which night suits and set up a zoom sleepover with your children’s friends. Get your kids into their pyjamas with some snacks and have a sleepover in the comfort of your own home.

23. Set up a scavenger hunt

What a great way to keep your kids out of your hair for a while. There are lots of scavenger hunt ideas that are printable, which will have your kids running around trying to find the items. Just make sure to tell them to put all the things back once they’re done with them. Find your scavenger hunt inspiration here.

24. Build something

Do you need something from Ikea? Get your kids to help you put it together. If not, you can build anything from Lego, meccano, or even build your own toys. Find out which toys you are able to build with kids here.

25. Karaoke

Bring karaoke to your living room. Move the table aside, get some microphones, find videos that have lyrics displayed and crank up the volume. Here are the best singalongs for the whole family.

26. Make a stained-glass window

This great craft activity will be loved by the kids when the sunshine comes through the windows in all different colours. All you need is cellophane, paper, scissors, tape and a pencil. Follow this YouTube video to learn how to make the Beauty and the Beast stained glass window here.

27. Tie dye

Tie dying isn’t as messy as it sounds and is currently trending. Buy cheap plain t-shirts or use old clothing and purchase a tie dye kit. It’s a great opportunity to get creative, follow this tutorial for some inspiration.

28. Origami

Origami derives from the Japanese word ori (“folding”) and kami (“paper”). Buy some origami paper which can be found at Dymocks and watch tutorials on how to make origami. Learn how to make a puffy origami heart here.

29. Play a family game

Pictionary or Monopoly will provide hours of entertainment and be a good bonding experience. If you don’t have board games on hand, there are lots of different games you can play with a deck of cards. Puzzles are another way to get your brain working and is a good project that can spread across days or even weeks depending on the level of difficulty.

30. Set up an obstacle course

Get your kids jumping, climbing, rolling and moving through setting up an indoor obstacle course. You can use household objects such as washing baskets, pool noodles and house baskets. Get some inspiration on how to set up your course below.


If you have captured images of any of these activities in action, tag us in your posts, we’d love to see you enjoying spending time together during self-isolation.

Stay safe and enjoy this opportunity to build and establish beautiful relationships with your family.