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Continuing on from our first post, 30 Ideas to keep the kids entertained during isolation | Part 1 of 3 here are 10 new ideas to keep the kids busy.


11. Create a short film

You can use your iPhone to film a short movie that the whole family can get involved in. Someone can be tasked with editing the film which can be easily done on the iMovie application. Once this is done present it to the whole family, there is sure to be a lot of laughter involved.


12. Baking

This is an activity for the whole family to enjoy, whether it is participating or indulging in the finished product. Not only is baking or cooking a form of entertainment, it is also a great time to teach your children important skills that they will remember forever. There are lots of YouTube videos on how to decorate cakes or cookies for beginners such as this one here.


13. Indoor camping

If you don’t have a tent to pitch out in the backyard, you can bring a mattress into the living room and build a fort. Use torches and play board games to set the camping scene and spend quality time with the family. Bonus points if you have a fire pit so you can toast some marshmallows. Here is some indoor camping inspiration.


14. Teach a dance

Get the kids up and moving by teaching them how to do the macarena or Nutbush. Dancing is a fun way to burn calories and sure to get some endorphins released. Watch a crash course online just in case you need to brush up on your skills here.


15. Have an around the world dinner

Assign a course and country to each child, e.g. entrée from France, main from Spain and dessert from Italy. Get them to research a dish, prepare it for dinner and learn a few fun facts of the country for them to recite before their course is served.


16. Do a spring clean

Go through rooms and decide what will be kept and what will be donated. This can be a good opportunity to get creative and re-purpose old clothes such as turning a dress into a top or making clothes for your children’s toys. Here are some creative ideas to re-purpose unwanted clothes.


17. Make pasta from scratch

We all love eating it, so instead of buying pasta from the shelf (which is already difficult to find) why not try your skills of making it at home. Join Jamie Oliver in learning how to make pasta here. 


18. Create a short story picture book

Writing aids in developing cognitive growth and is putting spare time to good use. Get the coloured pencil and some printing paper out and start creating a picture book. 


19. Candle making

Looking for something that is practical that will keep the kids occupied? Candle making is relatively inexpensive and makes for a great gift. You can experiment with different coloured wax and scents. Watch this beginners guide to making candles.


20. Make a scrapbook                   

Scrap-booking is a great way to reminisce on memories. Have a scrap-booking day and go through family photos, select the ones you want and get them printed at Kmart or from your home printer, then get creative and put together a beautiful family album. Draw some scrapbook inspiration from Pinterest here.

If you have captured images of any of these activities in action, tag us in your posts, we’d love to see you enjoying spending time together during self-isolation.

Stay tuned for next What to do Wednesday when we release 30 Ideas to keep the kids entertained during isolation | Part 3 of 3