Where the story begins

Where the story begins

How Holiday Inn came to be

We are very excited to share our Holiday Inn Perth City Centre Refurbishment journey with you but first we need to take a step back in time and see where the story beings.

In the beginning… BeginningBlog

In 1951, Kemmons Wilson set out by car on a family vacation with his wife and 5 kids. When he reached his destination he was unhappy with the facilities and amenities they had to offer a family and they charged him an extra $2 for each of his children – the room rate was $8.

He realised he could make a difference in America and within a year he’d opened his first Holiday Inn hotel in Memphis Tennessee to fix what was missing in hotels in America. Within 10 years, there were 400. The rest they say is history.

In the early 50s vacations were beyond the means of most families. Kemmons Wilson’s insightfulness changed all that. In 1952 he created a brand of affordable hotels where everyday families could enjoy a consistently clean and friendly environment.